The services are provided through customized, technical and organizative support for institutions.

Here are some examples:

International cooperation

# Support for the definition of appropriate agreements among institutions in the field of environment, urban planning, cadastre, land tenure and taxation;
# Support for the organization of training and workshops;
# Support for the definition and management of case studies.


Specific consultancies
Cadastre and land/urban registry

# Processing of cadastral data for the qualitative improvement of databases;
# Systems for the integration of cadastral databases with land/building taxation data;
# Use of the national cadastre data base in connection with data provided by local administrations;
# Use of digital cartography in connections with Bing, Google Maps products.

Health sector

Provision of Web solutions for health service management and planning:

# Mapping of the population;
# Mapping of health facilities;
# health data management and elaboration.



Welfare sector

Provision of Web solutions for the planning and management of welfare services through the mapping of:

# the residence of the socially vulnerable citizens;

# the service centers (elderly, disabled);

# the residence of the volunteers.


Civil protection

Provision of Web cartographic solutions for the planning and management of the seismic and hydrogeological risk, heat waves…


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