We have created a line of customized products for the public administration named “Map”.

We apply the innovation of Cloud Computing, where the programs are hosted on the Internet and not on local computers. Through cloud computing all applications and activities are managed “online” without the need to invest in specific hardware, without on-site assistance and maintenance. In this context, the applications are always updated in relation to technological and application evolution. 



Digital cartography is provided with “Web GIS” solutions, thanks to which the geolocation of the information contained in the databases takes place with automated procedures.


The platform, set with HTML5 and CSS3 language, through functions developed with Javascript, works on the most common operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, Android and Linux and can be used with various browsers, including Mozilla, Google Chrome, Edge, Baidu and Opera.


Map CatOnE

This is the basic cartographic Web platform, thanks to which the cadastral information can be consulted with simplicity starting from the cartography, selecting specific cadastral data. Every cartographic information is overlapped on the satellite image. Query functions are available introducing  fiscal code of the holder or cadaster registry identification. Inside every building on the map it is possible to have the data of all the contained housing units, with the following related information: owner, historical owner, category, class, consistency, surface, income, rooms, floor and floor plan. For each parcel of land registry the following information is available: owner, historical owner, polygon area (from graphic calculation), square meter area (from land registry), quality, class, household income, agricultural income, variation data.

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Map CatOnE Urban map

This is the integrated Web module based on CatOnE that allows you to view the cartographic urban planning tools (General Town Plan, Variants, Allotments, constraints, …) in relation to the cadastre and satellite images.This is the solution to simplify and speed up the preparation of urban destination certificates. It is possible to have an immediate view of the zoning and of the relative reference standards for every particle of land registry with a simple click.




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Map CatOnE Street numbers and data

This is the integrated Web module based on CatOnE to be used for the verification and consultation of name streets and of local numbers mapped on the territory. The circulation areas are combined with geolocated house numbers and, if necessary, correlated to the cadastral map overlapped on satellite images. House numbers can be updated with three functions: add; clear; modify.


Map CatOnE Real Estate

This is the integrated Web module based on CatOnE to be used for the consultation and management of all the real estate assets of the Municipality as from land registry. The functions make it possible to select the category of ownership in relation to its use, nature and consistency. Each real estate unit is mapped in relation to the satellite image (both for lands or buildings); the module provides a descriptive form for each unit through which it is possible to add useful information for the assessment, such as the state of conservation, use and distinction between available and unavailable.

Map CatOnE Welfare

This is the integrated Web module based on CatOnE to be used for consultation and management of the social assisted population on the territory. The residence of every citizen, as well as of every welfare client, is mapped on the territory overlapping the satellite image. Preconfigured functions are available for locating users by category of assistance, by reason of assistance, by number of family members or by age. The register of assistants can be constantly updated with the functions of “modify”, “cancel” or “add”.


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Map CatOne Building Areas

This is the integrated Web module based on CatOnE to be used for the consultation and management of all building areas identified through urban planning tools. The module is structured to facilitate the assessment work by the officials of the tax office. A digital land registry cartography is provided with classified classified building land parcels with the following data: owner and historical owner, value of building land (year by year for the last five years); surface affected by the tax, map with boundaries of the area; satellite image view; urban data view.



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