Map CatOnE Welfare

The vision of welfare data in territorial context introduces new elements of analysis connected to the housing position of the assisted citizens, as well as to the location of the volunteer structures spread over the territory. The information is enriched by correlating the information with the resident registry, from which the family status is extracted, useful data for planning the service to the population.

Digital cartography becomes a tool to plan citizen assistance in a timely manner, such as the organization of interventions to the people (home assistance).

The main functions of the application

• Geolocations of citizens on satellite images
• Consultation of the resident registry (surname, name, tax identification number, toponymy, family status)
• Selection of subjects by area of investigation (age, sex, family status, social status)
• Consultation of the social register with selection of the conditions of the assisted person
• Cartographic assisted navigation with refer to the subjects’ data;
• Display of information sheets for the assisted person;
• Visualization of the volunteering structures and / or residence of volunteers.

Some applications

Emergency management for heat wave
Assistance for non-self-sufficient people
Home care management
Transport planning for families in need


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